Rapidly growing carp and specimen brand Kodex has pulled out the stops, launching possibly the most advanced carp rod ever – the KX-i. At a shade under £400, it’s certainly an eyebrow raiser!

The Kodex brand has rapidly established itself with dealers and consumers alike, by offering high quality specimen tackle at very competitive prices. “At Kodex, we are fanatical about big fish!” says brand director, Matt Middleton. “Our vast range of products for specimen carp, pike, barbel and more are all designed to help increase your catch potential and your PBs. We spend many months developing products, thinking in detail about how to make them as good as possible - that’s why it is called ‘intelligent tackle’.” Kodex products have been available for several years but the real overhaul in establishing Kodex as its own brand began in the latter half of 2015. As with any new brand, dealers are sometimes reluctant to commit fully, but Kodex has had tremendous success so far, with many retailers admitting they have been “proven wrong” and that the products not only sell through quickly but also offer some of the best margins across the whole industry. Creating what the brand claims is the best carp rod on the planet is a bold move. We asked Matt what made him target the most discerning market sector? “The KX-i is a perfect example of how Kodex can and does push the boundaries, to create exceptional tackle. “In establishing Kodex as a top carp brand, we consider it necessary to design and build rods for the most discerning carp anglers. We stand behind the claim that the KX-i is ‘the world’s best ever carp rod’ and we encourage existing dealers to see their Kodex rep and test the rod for themselves.” With immense power in the spine and no twist, the KX-i allows anglers to cast to immense distances with unrivalled accuracy, while retaining superb fish-playing capabilities. The KX-i utilises 55 tonne airforce-grade highmodular mesh and the latest Zepto-X carbon technology, resulting in this exceptional super-slim blank. The rod is completed with original Fuji fittings, ultra-light titanium TG16 matte black guides, 50mm butt guide and an antifrap tip guide. “We have always had access to the very best rod factories in the world,” says Matt. “The difficult bit is the level of investment and development that’s required. We took on the challenge just over two years ago and built brand new blanks from scratch, using the very best carbon materials. It’s taken many prototype models to achieve the perfect result. “Our ethos is all about creating tackle that not only aids the carp/specimen angler, but also offers an improvement on what was previously available to him – all while additionally offering exceptional margin for the dealers.” The two-piece 12’ KX-i rods are available in 3.25lb and 3.5lb tc and are supplied with an extension allowing them to be fished at 13’ when necessary. “You simply will not find a better carp rod than the KX-i,” adds Matt. A bold claim… You’ll just have to judge for yourself!