Leading tackle firm makes it easy to increase your profits with their new show deals, extended credit and massive margins.

Middy is certainly a company that is growing fast with more and more retailers talking about the brand. So we decided to pay them a visit and find out why. We got to see David Middleton, managing director of the firm, just as they are about to launch their show deals for 2018. The company offers customers massive margins and truly innovative products, alongside high-visibility point of sale for all of its products. David told T&G: “We were the first match brand to offer POS stand systems to the retailers and it’s something that we continue to push. “Our Middy POS systems pay dividends to our customers, it significantly improves display and sellthrough and those that are investing in our brand are reaping the rewards.” David also claims that the Middy brand offers the largest profit margin of any of the fast moving consumables in the country. “We are always considering the margins for our retailers,” he adds. “Every dealer needs to be able to survive in what is a fast moving retail world. I think that dealers are waking up to this. Retailers only have one attempt to sell accessories per customer visit – it makes sense to sell them something that gives them maximum return.” Middy has increased its market share during 2017, posting significant growth. It boasts being the only brand offering accessories with up to and above a true 100 per cent mark up – ‘true’ meaning that the VAT is accounted for, the term ‘double up’ means truly only 67 per cent markup! “More and more dealers are coming to us because we offer high quality product at the right price,” adds David. “Good product, excellent service levels and a high volume of consumer advertising means that the products sell through. Pro-active retailers are taking advantage of this, by stocking more of our items. Take for example the latest Slot-Shot and M-Tech line - we already have another 120 dealers committing to stock those items for next season.” To find out more about how Middy’s 2018 show deals can help you grow your business please contact them directly.