Gun safe manufacturer celebrates 35 years of security

Since its formation in 1982, the Brattonsound name has become synonymous with gunsafes in the UK. How it all started… Brattonsound founder Gerald Tagg, a keen shooter, was unhappy with the gunsafe options available to him and decided to design and manufacture his own to his high standards. From that small start demand grew, first from friends at his local shoot and then via local and regional gun shops until Bratttonsound became the brand that is so widely known today. Brattonsound sales manager, James Tagg, explains: “In the early days, there were many basic brands available on the market, but Brattonsound looked towards engineering excellence, an impressive design and build quality with a superior locking system that took the market by storm and quickly established it as a market leader. We now have over 33 models to suit all budgets.” By constant innovation Brattonsound has maintained its reputation over the 35 years. Some of its industry firsts include: • Gunsafes that exceeded police requirements rather than just meeting them • Multi-point locking on standard models • Trade only supply • Comprehensive three year on-site warranty, which is still unmatched 35 years and still going strong Gun safe manufacturer celebrates 35 years of security With its long history Brattonsound is proud to have manufactured over 360,000 gunsafes. James continues: “During those 35 years dozens of brands and low-quality imports from companies with no personal connection to shooting have come and gone. “We at Brattonsound take pride in the fact that several of our employees are keen shooters. We want to support the shooting industry and we take the responsibility of protecting our customers’ guns very seriously. This drives us to constantly improve our standards and we intend to be making high quality gunsafes for many years to come.”