October 7th-8th 2018 - Stoneleigh

The floor plan for the T&G Show is now LIVE.

Tackle & Guns Show is back – and it promises to breathe a new lease of life into both the tackle and guns trades.

“After canvassing quite literally hundreds of potential exhibitors and visitors I am pleased to say that the T&G Show is back with a bang!” says T&G’s publisher, Nick Marlow.

“There’s the same amount of exhibiting space as at previous shows – but it now fits neatly inside a single hall. 

“The T&G Show is all about doing business. It puts buyers in front of sellers – and that’s its entire reason to be!”

Pricing has been adjusted to make it more conducive for exhibitors as well.

“Two things really stood out in my research – number one was cost – which I have addressed for you.

“And number two was whether the trade would support it – and the answer to that was a loud and clear YES from the dealers. They want the event and they want it to succeed.”

To view the floor plan click here.

“Prices start at £62.50 sqm for T&G Magazine advertisers and £100 sqm for non-advertisers,” adds Nick.

More details will be available in the February issue of the magazine.

To book space now and to find out more, contact Nick directly at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07967 507 996