Organiser’s success leads to increased licensing numbers at Harrogate-based event - with more forces to join in 2018

Organisers of the Northern Shooting Show are looking to ramp up the number of firearms applications made at their 2018 event – after critical success this year. The team wanted to push the boundaries for their visitors at the Harrogate-based shooting extravaganza, and managed to set a new benchmark with three police forces attending the event in May. The police met with shooters and discussed their services. Not only that, the local force, North Yorkshire Police, whose Firearms Licensing Department are credited in surveys as being one of the most efficient nationally, agreed to set up their computer system on site. This allowed them to process certificates on site and the result was an unqualified success with 77 variations, 7 grants, 53 grant interviews and a host of other work completed. Durham Police, also regarded highly in national reports, managed to complete all of their variations on the Monday following the show. They hope to return to the 2018 show with their IT system in place to be able to do the work over the weekend as the North Yorkshire team does. And at the 2018 event they will also be joined by Lincolnshire Police who expect to be able to offer full services including variations and interviews, as their new state of the art computerised licensing system should be online by then. Paul Whitelam of the Northern Shooting Show, said: “When we approached Dave Coutts, head of the North Yorkshire Police Firearms Licensing Department, with the original concept for the 2016 show, he jumped at the chance to be proactive and do something not done before, and it’s great Durham, Lincolnshire and West Yorkshire also want to do the same thing for 2018.” The organisers will be speaking to more forces throughout the year to encourage them to provide their users with the same level of service. “There is no reason not to do it,” continued Paul. “We provide them with the stand area free of charge so they just have to supply staff. The number of meetings they can have without having to travel around can be so high it’s hugely cost effective for them and shows shooters they are serious about working with them.” The next Northern Shooting Show takes place in Harrogate, 12-13th May 2018.